How a Sustainable Diet Will Make You Happier

So, let me ask you a question.

If I tell you that the secret of happiness is in your gut and that the dietary pattern you adopt can contribute to it, would you change your eating habits?

And if I add that enhanced coping skills are among the benefits of constant physical activity, would you start relieving your daily stress with at-home workouts?

I’m not so sure of that. It’s too rooted in us the idea of body and mind as two separate entities ruled respectively by the biological and the psyche’s laws.

But, in the last decade, a loosening…

The discussion about meat consumption should root in proven scientific findings rather than in personal opinions or values.

Because it’s not just an issue of animal welfare, but we need to understand the threat this massive meat supply chain is to us and our livelihoods. In other words, there are hard facts that should inform any debate.

Like for instance, the development and outbreak of zoonotic diseases that overcrowded breeding conditions favor. So much as the contribution of this kind of production to climate change. …

That’s why you should care.

In April 2016, Italian public opinion was shocked because a child was thrown out of the window by her abuser. She hadn’t wanted to take any more of his sexual abuses. The adults who should have protected her had covered up all story.

The condemnation was instantaneous towards all the silent accomplices of this tragedy. Yet, media immediately attributed the case to the degradation and the poverty characterizing the municipality of Caivano in Naples, where it occurred.

Fortuna was six years old when she died, and we wouldn’t have known about her if the other abused kids hadn’t told the…

The long-term consequences of a child sexual abuse

When I was 4–5 years old, my grandfather abused me. I had no memory of it until I was 22, and I sought some answers in psychoanalytical therapy for other abuses I had been subject to by other men.

And I thought that’s it. Now maybe I will get free. But it didn’t happen.

I kept turning to the wrong men for the affection I was so desperate to receive so that I accumulated trauma over traumas. And my idea of men and the treatment they’ve always reserved me consolidated through time.

Maybe I was not worthy of being loved…

When you bottom out, there is no other way but to climb back


This piece was the second part of a long-read piece I wrote for @fearlessshewrote on my emotional dependency. In truth, its editor team wanted to learn more about it, and that’s the reason behind the long-form divided into two sections.

Anyway, around one month ago, they published the first part and then kept me on hold until now for the second one. In the meantime, on average, once a week, they left me notes for edits they suggested and that I did, but not according to them. So, at my request to get more precise instructions to follow and, of…

When the subconscious speaks the language of the fairies

The other day I had a weird dream. I dreamt of two men, an old one and a younger one. I laid numb on the floor, leaving the older man to undress me and restrain my mouth with a striped tie, strictly bound around my tongue. I vividly perceived its bow inside my throat, and I had the impression of choking. In the meantime, the younger man was looking at me from the corner he was sitting in. I asked myself why I wasn’t with him instead of allowing this old pervert to rape me, and then puff, I disappeared…

It's exactly the attitude I mentioned at the end of my latest piece.

When I tell men my story of abuses and toxic relationships, they are aghast by my experiences, like I am a strange creature living in a world of monsters and orcs. They seem completely oblivious of things like rape, domestic violence, femicide, childhood abuse, and so on. However, then, you would expect some human empathy and respect for the delicateness of your situation. Instead, they keep making allusions about you having fun sex with them because they are sure they have nothing in common with the monsters of your past.

How social norms, family dynamics, and intimate relationships fed my personality disorder

Trigger Warning: this article contains descriptions of childhood sexual abuse that may not be suitable for all readers. Fearless community, please read with care.

This winter, I was diagnosed with emotional dependency. I have been struggling with this personality disorder all my life, and I have been four times in therapy for that, but only this year I received a name for it.

The root of it, in my case, traces back to being sexually abused as a child by my grandfather.

This first rape at such an early age fucked up my comprehension of affection, love, sex, and violence…

When your rapist is the son of an Italian political party’s leader

After two years of investigations on the allegation of gang rape by four 18-year-old men, a 19-year-old woman reported at the end of July 2019, the public prosecutor’s office is deciding for the indictment of the defendants or to dismiss the case for lack of evidence.

One of the alleged rapists is the son of the famous comedian and co-founder of the Italian Five Star political movement (M5S), Beppe Grillo. In short, the creator of the ‘VaffaDay’ (Fuck you Day); have you ever heard of it? Lucky you, if you didn’t.

Anyway, until Monday 19th, the news of the allegations…

How the Film Industry Fails to Portray Womanhood in All Its Diversity and Struggles

We need more of the Netflix dramatic comedy ‘M’entends-tu?’, the cartoon comedy ‘Tukkie and Bertie”, the first season of ‘Jessica Jones’ and less sappy romantic comedies. Enough with the bottom line: the love a man will rescue you.

That’s the kind of culture we want to overrule for the younger generations. We don’t want to feed the emotional dependency of billions of girls who will grow like us, believing the love of a man is the highest price they can get.

Of course, there is an opening in the film industry to include more stories from the female perspective. They…

Giulia Di Crescenzo

Survivor | Illustrator | Contributor in Climate Conscious, AOA, An Injustice & Others| Covering social & environmental justice, gendered violence & child abuse.

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