Nigerian trapped goddesses by G.D.C.(Ig: @gdc_illustrations)

I became aware of the human trafficking for the sex exploitation issue in Italy for the first time in 2015 when I moved to Bologna.

I rented an apartment close to Porta San Vitale with a balcony that looked over an alley where three Nigerian women stayed to meet their…

Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

In April 2016, Italian public opinion was shocked because a child was thrown out of the window by her abuser. She hadn’t wanted to take any more of his sexual abuses. The adults who should have protected her had covered up all story.

The condemnation was instantaneous towards all the…

“Close Encounter”, Chapter 4, from Astrea — The girl who, from a basement, got to the Moon by G.D.C. (Ig:@gdc_illustrations)

The other day was my 29th birthday.

Every year for my birthday, I promise myself that next year I will feel less alone, and every year, I kind of fail to keep it.

It’s not so much a matter of the number of people celebrating me as the kind of…

He sees me (?) — The prison of the male gaze by G.D.C. (Ig:@gdc_illustrations)

Once upon a time lived a king who had three daughters. They were one more beautiful and kinder than the other, with the youngest being of the most extraordinary fairness and beauty, such as no man has ever seen.

These are the typical opening lines of any traditional fairytale and…

The three stages of gender-based violence: Objectification, Acknowledgement, and Action — by G.D.C. (Ig:@gdc_illustrations)

So, yesterday evening, after ghosting my umpteenth date who behaved poorly, the usual question about how I can still like men while in the meantime being afraid of them and hating them so much.

It’s a paradoxical dilemma that I struggle to solve. I’m an adult survivor of child sexual…

Solitude — Illustration by G.D.C.(Ig: gdc_illustrations)


This piece was the second part of a long-read piece I wrote for @fearlessshewrote on my emotional dependency. In truth, its editor team wanted to learn more about it, and that’s the reason behind the long-form divided into two sections.

Anyway, around one month ago, they published the first part…

Astrea on the stair — Illustration by G.D.C.(Ig: gdc_illustrations)

The other day I had a weird dream. I dreamt of two men, an old one and a younger one. I laid numb on the floor, leaving the older man to undress me and restrain my mouth with a striped tie, strictly bound around my tongue. I vividly perceived its…

It's exactly the attitude I mentioned at the end of my latest piece.

When I tell men my story of abuses and toxic relationships, they are aghast by my experiences, like I am a strange creature living in a world of monsters and orcs. They seem completely oblivious of things like rape, domestic violence, femicide, childhood abuse, and so on. However, then, you would expect some human empathy and respect for the delicateness of your situation. Instead, they keep making allusions about you having fun sex with them because they are sure they have nothing in common with the monsters of your past.

Childhood behind barbed wire — Illustration by G.D.C.(Ig: gdc_illustrations)

Trigger Warning: this article contains descriptions of childhood sexual abuse that may not be suitable for all readers. Fearless community, please read with care.

This winter, I was diagnosed with emotional dependency. I have been struggling with this personality disorder all my life, and I have been four times in…


Child sexual abuse survivor| Freelance Illustrator| I write about sexism and gender-based violence, climate justice, and racism in Italy.

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